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A-TEAM Evaluation


Summary: Pedagogical evaluation of a computer based training system for emergency response management

Key Facts

Funder: ESRC

Type of Activity: Academic Research - Externally Funded

Grant holder: Julie-Ann Sime (Educational Research)

Dept/Research Groups: Centre for Studies in Advanced Learning Technology, Educational Research

Partner: Det Norske Veritas

Project Description

Principle Investigator/Project Manager - Dr. Julie-Ann Sime Researcher: Mr. Ian Nicoll. Funding: £16680.

Aim: Pedagogical evaluation of a computer based training system for emergency response management.

Objectives: To evaluate the A-TEAM training system for emergency response management within the organisational context of a chemical works in the UK. To evaluate training for decision making under stress. To investigate the effects of familiarity with risk and attitudes towards risk and how they may effect training for emergency management. Also to assess the effect of differences between the work and learning culture in the organisation.

Keywords: pedagogical evaluation, training under stress, dynamic simulation, evaluation, CPD, emergency management training, decision-making under stress, expert systems, artificial intelligence.

Partners: Det Norske Veritas (UK), ESRC and Lancaster University (UK).

Project partially funded by ESRC CASE Studentship with sponsorship from Det Norske Veritas, U.K.

Our Partners

Det Norske Veritas

Research Significance


Purpose of Research

Academic Research - Externally Funded

Project Funder

ESRC - £16680

ESRC CASE studentship

studentship & sponsorship

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