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CKnoC: researching collaborative knowledge construction


Summary: The aim of this small scale research is to help gather data and try out an innovative research method for researching collaborative knowledge construction (CKnoC) among developing researchers. The proposed study aims to a preliminary exploration of the innovative ways in which new knowledge is being constructed within geographically dispersed communities of developing researchers through the use of networked technology. This will be achieved by: a) unpacking participation in knowledge construction processes as they occur online and collaboratively, b)understanding learning activities that trigger CKnoC and c)looking at the role online discussion and collaborative learning arrangements such as wikis can play in CKnoC. The study is funded by FASS R&E Initiatives Fund. Research Associate: Ms Becca Westrup, PhD candidate.

Key Facts

Funder: Lancaster University

Principal Investigator: Maria Zenios (Educational Research)

Dept/Research Groups: Centre for Studies in Advanced Learning Technology, Educational Research

Project Funder

Lancaster University

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