Michael O'Donoghue
Centre for Studies in Advanced Learning Technology (CSALT)
Cartmel Room C60 -Tel. 01524 592863
- Email: M.ODonoghue@lancaster.ac.uk
Michael O'Donoghue, Lancaster University
B.Sc (Liverpool) PGCE (Keele) Ph.D (Lancaster)

My main research interests centre on how people learn with interactive technologies, especially children. After working in secondary schools I spent five years working with colleagues in Preston and Plymouth as a presenter and producer for satellite broadcast materials. (If you want to know what stress is, try presenting on a live transmission for an hour!!). I played a leading role in the development of multimedia course provision and was manager of the Cable TV centre at Blackburn . I studied aspects of technology in support of distance learning at UBC in Vancouver and for my own doctorate. Though I've focused on online distance education in recent years, I seem to have gravitated back to video and broadcast work, thinking up and researching new formats and interaction between audience and studio.

Presenting live on satellite broadcast from Preston - 1994 Presenting live on satellite from Plymouth with Joan Joseph & Mats Elmgart - 1995 Producing and featuring in short movies about education - 2002 As a mad scientist (a fitting role) for a research project video in 2003
A few samples of presenter and production work: L>R Satellite broadcast from Preston 1994; Presenting in the Plymouth studio in 1995; educational video production 2002; more educational drama 2003

Current Research and activities (2003)
* VirRAD -
Virtual Radiopharmacy - video director/producer (EU)
* Interactive teaching and learning with video on the net (ESRC)
* Radial-e: Radioactive waste management in a learning environment (DEFRA)
* Building the
School of the Future (Lego and internal funding)
* Various
video streaming and format research
* EDS Part 1 Slides and Feedback

I've a number of recent conference papers and presentations, most of which are related to new video production formats and online learning. These include papers at Ed-Media (Denver 2002 with Carole Potter, Hawaii 2003 with Grant Barclay), SERF (Keynote speaker on video streaming production, The Netherlands, 2002), DIVERSE 2002 (Banff, Canada, 2002). I am also on the DIVERSE 2003 conference committee for work into video and video streaming in higher education.

Possibly the biggest influence on my work has been Tony Bates in the Distance Education and Technology centre at UBC in Canada. During an interview he was asked what he enjoyed most about his job. He answered:

"I enjoy going into an academic area where people have a distance education idea, and helping to turn that idea into a reality"

(UBC, October 1995)

This creative process - from abstract, acadmic idea through production into reality - is still at the core of what I do today. Its tremendously motivating, whether its through software or video, to see children or adults actually using and learning from something you have created and then to further research and improve it

Finishing the UBC triathlon, Vancouver, 2001

Fund raising activities 2003
I hope to raise money for the
National Asthma Campaign this year by completing the following events:

* Entenmann's Great Manchester Run
10km - 26 May - 48m 25s pos 1342

* Cheshire Sprint Triathlon
s 500 pool - b20km -r5km - 22 June - 1hr 18m 56s

* Gatorade Sprint triathlon, Trentham
S 750 lake - b23km -r5km - 6 July -1hr 28m 36s

* Salford Commonwealth Games Triathlon
s 750 docks -b20km -r6.5km - 27 July - 1hr 36m 43s

* Bob Graham round (42 Lakeland peaks in one continuous journey) - Aug

I'd be delighted to hear from you if you'd like to sponsor me! I'll also be taking on my usual share of Munros and other peaks throughout the year too. I hope to go skiing in March but this is just for fun! (Favourite run: Panorama, Whistler/Blackcomb)

Go raith mile maith agat ! ( or 'tapadh leat' if you prefer your gaelic Scottish)