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A research investigation into children's ideas about the future of school by CSALT, Lancaster University, with the support and assistance of the Lego Learning Institute.

What will School be like in 10 years time?

There are a number of accounts and forecasts by established educational speakers on how the future of school may develop, some accounts embracing computers and technology in all classrooms, others suggesting little change at all. But I wondered what children thought about ICT in schools and how important it is to them? So I decided to ask them!

The aim of this investigation was to find out what children thought school might be like in ten years time and the role they thought ICT might have or that they would like in schools. Ten years in educational terms is not such a long time, but, as one child put it:

"I'll be really old then...
I'll be 17 !

The first stage of this investigation was to find a way which allowed children to explore and refine their ideas. I selected LEGO Bricks in order to do this as it provided a concrete, hands-on way of developing and animating their work. What the first group of children created and said can be found below. The international stages of his work are now underway.

Children's work in England

Larissa and Annie

Lucy and Jessica

Alex and jack

Tom and Thomas

Larissa & Annie

Lucy & Jessica

Alex & Jack

Tom & Thomas

Ceit and Ross

Matthew and David

John and Tim

Ceit & Ross

David & Matthew

John & Tim


After seeing the children's work you can find out more about the project, or read a summary of the initial findings by following these links.

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