Murray Saunders: On the idea of Communities of Practice

CSALT, Lancaster University Lancaster University
This material has been prepared for the Palette Summer School. Recorded and processed with Murray Saunders by Mike O'Donoghue and Alberto Ramirez Martinell, CSALT, Lancaster University, June 2006. Restrictions on use and distribution apply; pleasesee the notes at the foot of the page.

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Are therer any power issues within to consider within communities of practice?

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What problems do work-based practices present to researchers?

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How can you capture reification?

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How do communities of practice fit within the Palette project?

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There are many kinds of communities of practice, but are there any sitations that are not?

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Do you gravitate towards Gidden's or wenger's viewpoints?

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What future research ideas exist in this area?

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