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Recorded and processed with Tony Bates by Mike O'Donoghue, CSALT, Lancaster University, in Barcelona, November 2006 Restrictions on use and distribution apply; please see the notes at the foot of the page.

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Can you tell us a little about yourself and what it is you do?

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What is the focus of your interests and current research work at the moment?

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Are we really exploiting technologies for learning to their potential?

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What are the biggest problems that prevent Higher Education from exploiting technologies for learning?

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Is e-learning just a current buzz word, or is it really something else?

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Are you surprised that students still chose to go to university given the cost and access to technology?

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There are some people that technology is leading higher education - what's your view on this?

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Do you see a time when all lectures will be video recorded and made available for students to access online?

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Are lectures and lecturing outdated?

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What can lecturers or teachers in Higher Education do to exploit technologies for teaching and learning given that many are timetabled for lectures in traditional lecture rooms?

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Do you have a favourite piece of technology?

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Do you have a favourite educational author, book or paper?

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Could you ever foresee an environment where students will just learn from technology sources?

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What changes should be made to improve the quality of ICT in schools?

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Do you think there will be a day when the traditional classroom teacher or lecturer becomes a thing of the past and where students will use ICT and peer support to learn?

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1min 50s

Finally, what message have you for students iat university studying eductaion or for those who have some familiarity with your work who are viewing this interview?

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Produced by Mike O'Donoghue, CSALT, Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University, recorded in Barcelona, Spain, November 2006. Questions supplied by the UG Educational Studies students at Lancaster University. Reproduction, re-recording, editing and re-distribution in any media prohibited. Hyperlinks to and from the whole content online are permitted; other uses require written consent from the author and/or producer.
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