Professor Liz Beaty, University of Coventry;
Dr Vivien Hodgson, University of Lancaster;
Dr Sarah Mann, University of Glasgow;
Professor David McConnell, University of Sheffield.

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ESRC Networked Learning Seminars Group
Higham Hall, Cumberland. 23-Oct-2001


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The three key themes that have been addressed throughout the seminar series are:


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Seminar 1

Key literature influencing networked learning

July 10-11


Seminar 2

Networked learning in practice

25-26 October,2000

Higham Hall

Seminar 3

Studies of learners' and teachers' experiences of networked learning

19 - 20 February, 2001

Higham Hall

Seminar 4

Emergent themes

27 - 28 June, 2001

Higham Hall

Seminar 5

Making a difference

22 - 23 October, 2001

Higham Hall

Seminar 6

Dissemination event

26 March, 2002


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The Seminar Series has involved researchers and practitioners from Coventry University, Glasgow University, Lancaster University and the University of Sheffield plus invited guests from other institutions from both within and out of the UK.

As an outcome from the work we have done together we have produced a Manifesto on Networked Learning which we launched at a Dissemination Event on March 26th at the recent Networked Learning 2002 conference.

The manifesto and summary of points made during the dissemination event will be discussed further through the JISC Networked Learning discussion list which can be joined at

We see the Manifesto as a working draft for discussion and welcome further comments and feedback from all


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Last updated: 29th April 2002