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Question 1

1. Welcome to CSALT at Lancaster University. What we'd like you to do first is to tell us a little about who you are and your current research and work and interests?

Lucy Question 1
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Question 2

2. You mention Xerox Park. Isn't that where the Apple Macintosh was developed?

Lucy Question 2
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Question 3

3. You have been closely identified with theories of situated action through the success of your book Plans and Situated Actions. Could you tell us a little about why you think that approach is valuable in studying new technology?

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Question 4

4. Yrjö Engeström also discusses Activity Theory. Is there a strong connection between his work and your own?

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Question 5

5. Situated action is, of course, related closely to theories of situated learning. Could you tell us what your own relationship is to the ideas of situated learning?

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Question 6

6. Is the way we measure these things quite complicated?

Lucy Question 6
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Question 7


7. Could you give us a brief insight into your views on the relationships between new technology and organisation?

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Question 8

8. You work in an educational institution. Do you think that business and education are very similar or are they very different customers to the same sorts of technologies?

Lucy Question 8
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Question 9

9. More recently you have written about feminist views in relation to new technology. What elements of these theoretical views and approaches do you think affect learning in the context of new technologies?

Lucy Question 9
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Question 10

10. Is there a large difference between user testing and organisational testing?

Lucy Question10
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Question 11

11. Do you think it is better for an organisation to go through rapid change when introducing new technologies, or do you find that these changes are better done over a longer period of time, or is the situation so variable that it is impossible to say?

Lucy Question 11
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Question 12

12. Have you noticed any major differences between the USA and Canada and Europe in the way such changes take place?

Lucy Question 12
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Question 13

13. If we envisaged a time period of three to five years what would you see as the major issues arising in relation to the development of new technologies for learning?

Lucy Question 13
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Question 14

14. Finally as you know the audience of this video are practitioners in the field of advanced learning technologies studying on a Masters program. If you had one thing for them to think closely about, which emerges from your research and experience, what would it be?

Lucy Question 14
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Recorded 9th December 2002, at CSALT, Lancaster University, UK. All CD & online resources
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